Our single minded focus on Intellectual Property Rights sets us apart from the rest



Exponent is a boutique firm with a specialised competence across domains including Technology and Media Laws, Real Estate Laws, Indirect Taxation, Arbitration, Mediation and Litigation. Founded in 2012, we operate from our offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad with a keen eye on expansion.

We’re especially well received by the Start-up community which has long complained of the severe dearth of lawyers with competence in matters of technology, media and internet. We pride ourselves in our consistent ability to deliver an excellent legal product — efficiently and at a fair price. We’ve never lost a client to a competitor, which speaks volumes about the service we provide and the mutual loyalty we engender.


With in-house counsel having educational and professional qualification in Engineering and Law, we are a law firm at the cutting edge of technology. This gives us an unmatched ability to understand the techno-legal requirements of our clients. We are ever-ready to adopt and inculcate technological innovations to enable us to deliver cost effective legal solutions with transparency and efficiency. Complementing our legal services, we also provide consulting services to our clients in the field of Innovation, and Indirect Tax compliance.

Effort, Commitment and Trust. These values guide our work and define our firm as a responsible, ethical entity in the global business world. Central to Exponent’s vision is to back and assist individuals and organisation capable disrupting the technological and economical status-quo. With this in mind, Start-up’s in the Technology and Media domain hold a special place for us. We aim to be exponents of a culture which is working towards a brighter more efficient future.


We have dynamic human resource which is a potent mix of young and spirited tech-savvy lawyers guided by the wisdom of those in the field for over two decades. Our team comprises of Patent Agents, Trademark Agents, Retired IRS officers experienced in the inner workings of the Indirect Tax system in India, and Senior Counsels with litigation experience in various Indian courts including Bombay High Court, Hyderabad High Court and the Supreme Court.


Exponent has built a service culture within our firm that goes beyond the client with a holistic view of the ecosystem. As a result, our clients develop a sense of trust in our people and our work.

As a part of our initiative to give back to the society, we reach out to those in the Start-up community and the education sector who lack awareness in the field of IPR through RACHANA FOUNDATION - an NGO supported by us.