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IPR & Knowledge Dissemination

The basis and rational of state backed monopoly.

IP rights confer upon the creator/inventor or a work/invention the right to exploit and gain from it. This right is a restrictive right which essentially gives rise to a monopoly.

Given that there is a global consensus that most monopolies are bad, why does the IPR system create and mandate a monopoly, you ask?

Science v. Technology

Understanding subject matter distinction within IPR system.

In order to fully grasp the various aspects of Innovation and IPR, it is pertinent to understand the subject matter which is governed by and excluded from the ambit of the law. As the distinction in the nature of the subject matter becomes clear, so does the rationale for its inclusion and/or exclusion.

This post focuses on the subject matter governed by Patent Law, globally under the TRIPS Agreement.

Understanding Innovation

Innovation & IPR for Start-Ups & Inventors.

This post explores the various ways in which innovation finds expression. It compares Systematic Innovation with Jugaad - A life hack.

If you're an Inventor or a Entrepreneur, this one is especially for you!

Innovation v. Invention

All inventions are innovations, but not all innovations are inventions.

Invention and innovation are often confused and interchangeably used, erroneously so.

This post seeks to drawn out the distinction between the two and looks at Apple products to underscore the distinction.