Litigation & Dispute Resolution
International Litigation

At Exponent our expertise is in the art of litigation. We assist our clients with international litigation issues in India. Our expertise includes appearing in Indian courts to :
• Commence and handle substantive Indian legal proceedings
• Seek or resist applications for interim measures
• Seek or resist dismissal of India proceedings on jurisdictional or other grounds
• Seek or resist enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and court judgments
• Seek or resist discovery orders from Indian courts.
• Seek and resist anti suit relief from Indian courts

Foreign Litigation

We act as counsel to assist our clients in navigating and strategizing international cases. We identify, instruct and work with foreign counsel to manage foreign legal processes and to ensure a coordinated approach.

International Arbitration

We represent clients in ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings seated anywhere in the world and involving disputes governed by Indian national law. We act as India counsel to deal with India aspects of international cases, for example appearing in Indian courts to compel arbitration, or enforce arbitration awards and foreign judgments before Indian courts, and providing Indian law advice for disputes that are governed by Indian law.

We have expertise knowledge of major institutional rules :

• ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)
• LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration)
• LCIA India
• SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre)
• UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law)
• WIPO Arbitration( World Intellectual Property Organization) Involving disputes and agreements governed by Indian law and English law.

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