Services we specialse in:

We’re a boutique law firm specialising in intellectual property rights law and indirect taxation. We service all major IP jurisdictions globally.

Our team comprising of lawyers with educational and professional qualification in Science and Technology work with you to identify, secure your intellectual property and enforce them against any unauthorized use globally.



A design registration gives you the exclusive right to use industrial design developed by you. This is especially useful when your product has a distinct design which helps it stand out from competing products in the market and therefore catches the attention of the consumer.

Our Design registration service takes the hassle out of the application process and helps you enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Having invested in developing an industrial design only to be served a legal notice by a competitor can have severe legal ramifications. We help analyze the extent to which your industrial design is infringing a registered design right and help you take sound legal and business decisions.

We help you explore the possibility of an out of court settlement or a courtroom battle and recommend the most viable option.


A design application once made is examined by the examiners and objections if any are raised. These objections must be satisfied for the eventual registration of the design.

We represent you before the examiner and ensure a smooth prosecution of the application for best results.


Keeping a close watch on the Design registration filing activity is essential on many counts. It enables you to keep a track of entities registering industrial design which could be similar to your own and therefore cause the likelihood of confusion in the minds of the consumer if such a design were to be registered.

Our Design Watch service is designed to enable you to periodically keep a watch of filings so that you could oppose the registration of designs conflicting with your business interest.


Design rights are not only means of maintaining exclusivity over your industrial design but also an asset which can be monetized to add a secondary stream of income.

We provide consultancy solutions on Design Valuation and Monetization, and process all legal formalities towards licensing or assignment of your design right.


Merely having a design right fails to serve the underlying purpose of protection. It is essential that the patent right be recorded with the granting country’s Customs authority. This enables the Customs authorities to suspend clearance of goods which are possibly infringing your design right.

Our Design Customs Recordal and Enforcement service ensures that goods found to be infringing are destroyed by the Customs Authorities, thereby extending meaningful protection to your business.