Services we specialse in:

With in-house counsel having educational and professional qualification in Engineering and Law, we are a law firm at the cutting edge of technology.

This gives us an unmatched ability to understand the techno-legal requirements of our clients.



A Prior Art Search is intended to locate literature which could have an impact on the patentability of an invention. We provide high quality, reliable prior art search services using both paid and open databases covering all major patent jurisdictions.

The search includes patent literature from WIPO, EPO, US, Japan, China, India etc.  Non-patent literature including related digital journals, web portals, directories, publications, manuals, books, articles, and blogs is also searched for to identify the most relevant prior art.


We provide specialized searches to help you evaluate the patentability of your invention.

If you intend to use a pre-existing technology and wish to ensure that you’re not infringing an active patent, our Freedom to Operate Search allows you to identify patents and their legal implications on your technology before you invest time and effort in it.

Our Invalidation Search locates literature which could invalidate a patent granted to an invention. Having invalidated it, you could adopt the underlying technology.

Each of our search reports comes with a detailed analysis of each relevant document and its legal implications, to enable you to make the best business decisions backed by data.


The business advantages of adopting new technologies are numerous but they come at the risk of infringing a competitor’s patent. A patent dispute early in the life of a tech-centric business can spell doom. Prevention indeed is better than cure.

Our Patent Landscape Service enables you to appreciate the active players in your technology domain and aspects of the technology which are already patented and areas where research is either non-existent or nascent yet promising.

The actionable intelligence which can be drawn from a Landscape Search is indeed immense. Our Landscape Search reports help you clear the clutter and see the bigger picture.


Having invested in developing a technology only to be served a legal notice by a competitor can have severe legal ramifications. We help analyze the extent to which your technology is infringing an active patent and help you take sound legal and business decisions.

We help you explore the possibility of an out of court settlement or a courtroom battle and recommend the most viable option.


Having concluded the patentability of your invention with our search services, you are now set to file a patent application to take the first step towards protecting your invention and monetizing it. Our experienced draftsmen dedicate time to understand your invention through conferences with the inventors and draft a patent specification which extends the optimum protection to your invention. Feedback from the inventors is constantly taken to ensure the best service.

We file patent applications globally including all prominent patent jurisdictions including USA, EU, China, Japan, India etc.


The patent office of the relevant jurisdiction often raises technical and legal objections to the patent applications. These must be overcome for a successful grant.

With our patent prosecution services, you have the benefit of technology savvy Engineers turned Lawyers working on your Patent application to meet all office action requirements and ensure a smooth disposal of the patent application towards its logical end.

We prosecute patent applications globally including mature IP jurisdictions including USA, EU, China, India etc.


Keeping a watchful eye on the patents being filed by competitors is essential to ensure your patent is enforced to its true potential. Likewise, Patent watch service enables you to ensure you keep a close track of your competitor’s research and patent activity.

Patents filed by identified entities are tracked and monitored after their publication, so as to enable you to take the right decision at the right time.


Patent rights are not only means of maintaining exclusivity over your technology but also an asset which can be monetized to add a secondary stream of income.

We provide consultancy solutions on Patent Valuation and Monetization, and process all legal formalities towards licensing or assignment of your patent right.


Merely having a patent right fails to serve the underlying purpose of protection. It is essential that the patent right be recorded with the granting country’s Customs authority. This enables the Customs authorities to suspend clearance of goods which are possibly infringing your patent right.

Our Patent Customs Recordal and Enforcement service ensures that goods found to be infringing are destroyed by the Customs Authorities, thereby extending meaningful protection to your business.